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What is Shoring?

During the construction, renovation, or expansion of a building, Scaffold Resource is the leading Washington DC Metro shoring service contractor providing temporary support to unstable walls. Shores or props made of timber or metal may be installed vertically, horizontally, or at an angle to prevent a structure from collapsing.

There are various types of shoring systems that Scaffold Resource installs. Such as heavy-duty props, multi-props, slab props, flex shoring, and shoring towers.

Scaffold Resource Shoring Service in DC, Maryland, and Virginia can be carried out vertically, horizontally, or angled, and is most commonly used on construction sites, as walls need to be properly propped, or supported, while work is being performed. Once proper long-term supports are in place, the shoring system can be removed.

Learn more about the shoring process from the leading Washington DC Metro Shoring service contractors to determine what will be needed during your upcoming construction project.

When is Shoring Used?

The following circumstances may require the use of shores from a leading Washington DC Metro Shoring Services Contractor.

· A wall shows signs of bulging due to poor construction techniques. Shoring and re-shoring maintain the stability of the wall while repairs are performed.

· A wall has cracked due to uneven settling. Shoring takes the weight off the damaged wall while it’s being repaired.

· A structure adjacent to the wall is being dismantled. If the structure supports the wall, shoring is needed to prevent collapse until permanent support is installed.

· An opening in a wall is being enlarged. Shores support the wall until the renovation is complete.

Types of Shoring

Different shoring techniques are used depending on the project’s specific needs.

Raking Shores

This method utilizes rakers to support a wall laterally. The components are inclined at a 45- to a 75-degree angle, supported by cleats on the ground and wall plates where they meet the wall. To prevent buckling, the rakers must be properly sized based on the anticipated thrust from the wall.

Raking shoring techniques can be used on single- and multistory buildings. The length of rakers used on towering structures can be reduced by applying rider rakers. Bracing attaches the rider to the main raker, which extends higher up the side of the building to ensure adequate support.

Flying or Horizontal Shores

All arrangements of supporting structures that do not reach the ground are called flying or horizontal shores. These are most often used as temporary supports for two parallel party walls when an intermediate building is being demolished.

If the walls are quite close, a single flying shore may be used. If the distance between them is more considerable, a compound or double flying shore can be implemented.

Dead or Vertical Shores

Supports that extend vertically to support the walls, roofs, and floors above are known as dead or vertical shores. This type of shoring may be necessary when creating or expanding an opening in a wall. The shores remain in place until a permanent support beam or girder is installed. Vertical shores can also provide temporary support while a defective weight-bearing wall is being repaired.

At Scaffold Resource, shoring is one of our specialties. We offer high-quality, heavy-duty, cost-effective shoring rental equipment to keep your building’s structural elements stable. Our construction crew’s safety is our top priority. We are prepared to meet the unique demands of your project, regardless of any tight deadlines or difficult working conditions. This is what makes us the most trusted name in scaffold and shoring solutions in the DMV area! To learn more about our shoring expertise, or to request an estimate, please contact us at 301-924-7223.

Contact us at 301-924-7223 or email us at sales@scaffoldresource.com.  Also, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and Pinterest for news and updates on our events and trends in the scaffolding and construction industry.



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What is Shoring? Types of Shoring and When it Used

What is Shoring? Types and Uses


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