St. Elizabeth’s Center Revitalization, Washington DC

Scaffold Resource is showcasing a past scaffolding project for St Elizabeth’s Center Revitalization. Scaffold Resource has won a lot of awards. Including a WBC Craftsmanship Award, ABC Metro Washington, and ABC Chesapeake Shores Excellence in Construction Awards.
Work performed on St. Elizabeth’s Center Revitalization by Scaffold Resource was to design, furnish, install & remove a façade bracing system for the historic façade of the St.Elizabeth’s Center Campus.


The façade was braced over a mile long and ranges in elevation from 2 stories to 5 stories tall. Tilt-up wall braces were used on the 2 and 3-story conditions. Custom 4-story braces were fabricated on-site to brace the 4-story building.

Our team at Scaffold Resources offers experienced tilt-wall professionals of certified staff ready to provide the information and resources you need to implement this construction method on your building project.

Our expert team at Scaffold Resources is an industry leader in the Mid-Atlantic region providing our clients with expertly designed and installed wall-bracing systems that fit the exact specifications of their projects. How can we help you support yours?


Custom-fabricated towers were designed and fabricated off-site. Upon delivery, it was craned into place onto temporary footings. The lateral loading requirements are provided by the EOR. Our bracing system engaged the façade in approximately 400 points at multiple elevations. All walls were monitored for movement. Adjustment points were incorporated into the bracing design with the ability to make fine adjustments to each of the braces as needed in the event of any settlement.
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