Types of Scaffolding in Maryland, DC, & Virginia

The Main Types of Scaffolding

Building restorations, renovations, repairs, improvements, and demolitions often require scaffolding—not just for practical reasons but also to comply with OSHA safety regulations. Construction companies use scaffolding equipment to elevate their workers above ground level. The type they use depends on the application. Learn more about the main types of scaffolding here.

Supported Scaffolding

This is the style most people picture when they think of scaffolding. Supported scaffolding is built from the ground up next to a building. Heights and features differ, but the entire structure stands on the ground and can have levels added or removed as the building rises during construction or comes down during demolition.

Mobile Scaffolding

As the name suggests, workers can move this scaffolding from place to place. Casters and wheels on the bottom allow for this. Mobile scaffolding is most practical for small indoor projects that require more stability than a ladder. When work is scattered throughout the building, moving scaffolds around is preferred over constructing and dismantling scaffolds repeatedly.

Suspended & Mast Climbing Scaffolding

When repairs, painting, window washing, and similar projects are needed on the upper portion of a towering structure, it may be impractical to build scaffolding from the ground up. In this case, construction companies can use suspended or mast climbing scaffolding.

In suspended scaffolding, the working platform hangs from the roof via wires or chains. Workers can then raise or lower the platform as needed. Similarly, mast climbing scaffolding can change heights along the building. However, instead of hanging from the roof, it climbs up and down two mast structures secured on the ground.

Cantilever Scaffolding

Care must be taken when constructing cantilever scaffolding because it’s strutted to the wall rather than being built on the ground. This type of scaffolding may be used if the soil near the building can’t bear the weight of temporary platforms, or if the area must remain open for vehicle or foot traffic.

Modularized Scaffolding

Also called systems scaffolding, modular scaffolds consist of pre-engineered horizontal and vertical components that connect modularly. Many versions, sizes, and load capacities are available for a wide array of applications.

Frame and brace scaffolding is a type of modularized scaffold commonly used in both residential and commercial projects. This lightweight option—consisting of frames, braces, planks, and bases—can be erected and disassembled very quickly.

Scaffolding Sales & Rentals in DC, Maryland & Virginia

While all scaffolding falls into one of these main categories, many projects need custom scaffolds to work with the environment’s unique demands. This requires working with a company that has years of knowledge and experience in scaffolding solutions.

No matter the scale and scope of your project, Scaffold Resource can meet your needs. We serve DC, Maryland, Virginia, and beyond, offering a variety of modular scaffolding systems designed for quick installation and dismantling. Check out our past scaffolding projects to see how we can help you. Then, contact us at 301-924-7223 to learn more about our scaffold sales, rentals, and design services.


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Types of Scaffolding used in Construction


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