The Relevance of Rigging Explained

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We engineered and installed a specialty trolley beam “rigging” system for the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD

Rigging has a lot of relevance in the construction industry. Without rigging systems, construction projects would be impossible and also dangerous. Imagine construction workers not only attempting to lift heavy materials but trying to transport them tens to hundreds of feet in the air or on the ground. If you need turnkey custom rigging systems for your DMV construction project, Scaffold Resource has you covered. Today we’re going to cover the relevance and role of rigging systems in construction, rigging applications, and what products we offer. 

Rigging: Its Role in Construction

Rigging systems ensure the safety of everyone on a construction site. If you know anything about Scaffold Resource, you know that we are big on safety. A construction worker qualified in rigging, known as a rigger, attaches cables or ropes to a load that needs hoisting or lifting. A rigger knows which hitches to tie and how much weight it can support. Riggers are responsible for keeping loads balanced and stable and transporting heavy material through even the tightest spaces while avoiding hazards. 


You can use our custom systems to handle many tasks. Some of these tasks or applications include removing and replacing:

  • Windows
  • Escalators
  • Metal Panels
  • And More!

After your project’s completion, our team will quickly dismantle and remove our systems. 

The Products and Services That We Offer 

We offer beam and chain falls, trollies, electric wire rope hoist, and overhead cranes. What’s even better is that we provide customized safety training programs. Scaffolding safety tips aren’t our only focus. It is our responsibility, and we’ll be more than happy to show you and your team how to safely use any of the products that our engineering team designs. 

You Can Also Expect P.E. Sealed Drawings on Our Rigging Systems

What’s even more reassuring yet again is that our team provides P.E. sealed drawings. What’s that, you ask? A P.E. sealed drawing is a professional engineering “stamp of approval” that shows that a company holds their work to a higher standard, which Scaffold Resource does. This stamp of approval ensures that the system has performed efficiently, meets and exceeds OSHA’s guidelines, and affirms that any engineer who designed a particular system is qualified and ethically responsible for the public’s safety and welfare at large. 

If your goal is to ensure that your next construction project is safe and efficient, contact Scaffold Resource today! 

Scaffold Resource, the Specialty Contractor That You Can Trust! 

Scaffold Resource is an award-winning leader in safety, innovation, and expertise. Since 1998, Scaffold Resource has been serving the DMV. Our areas of expertise include historic restoration, exterior preservation, facade improvement, new construction, commercial/industrial, medical, government, bridges, and unique/specialty projects! Ensure that your commercial building has the best, most durable, and reliable materials for your construction projects by relying on us. Contact us at 301-924-7223 or email us at Also, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and Pinterest for news and updates on our events and trends in the scaffolding and construction industry.

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Scaffold Resource specializes in providing an array of reliable, high-quality vertical access services and solutions to construction sites across Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and beyond.


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