The Importance of Shoring Safety

Shoring Safety & Efficient Shoring Systems DC, MD, VA

Shoring is the process of temporarily supporting a structure or trench, to prevent collapse during construction or repairs. It makes sense, then, that safe shoring must be a priority. It’s important to follow all state, provincial, local, and federal regulations to ensure that safety, as well as working with trained professionals who are experienced in shoring safety. General guidelines include:

· Have a qualified person survey the job site for hazards. These should then be corrected or avoided.

· Plan all shoring and the erection sequence in advance. Make sure you’ve got the necessary equipment to safely accomplish the work.

· Inspect all equipment thoroughly before use. Never use any equipment that is structurally defective in any way. Instead, remove it from the job site.

· Have a qualified person prepare a shoring drawing. The drawing should be used on-site at all times.

· Treat the shoring equipment with respect. Only erect, dismantle, or alter it under qualified supervision, and never abuse or misuse the equipment. Only use the shoring equipment as it was intended.

· Inspect erected shoring throughout the process. If there’s any doubt about the safety of the shoring, talk to your supplier.

· Use best practices when working with shoring. Don’t use shoring systems for fall protection, or work on them if you’re dizzy or unsteady. Provide and maintain a solid footing, and always use baseplates. Never climb on cross braces.

· Keep the shoring steady. Use adjusting screws to adjust uneven grade conditions and plumb and level shoring frames as the erection proceeds. Never force braces on frames, but level the shoring towers for the proper fit.

· Maintain good safety practices during dismantling. Don’t remove anything until you’ve been given the go-ahead from the proper authority. Plan the dismantling just as you planned the erection and use the proper equipment.

Scaffold Resource Uses Best Shoring Solutions

For every build, we offer high-quality, heavy-duty shoring rental equipment. We know that this keeps structural elements and workers safe, as well as prevents collapse during construction, renovation, or expansion. We’ve completed many significant shoring projects throughout the area, and our scaffold engineers work closely with our shoring clients to design and install systems capable of meeting structural integrity and load specifications. If you’re in need of expert shoring advice and equipment, Scaffold Resource, LLC can help guarantee the success of your project.

Founded in 1998, Scaffold Resource has been a fixture and growing force in the Mid-Atlantic region’s scaffold industry for over two decades. The company has successfully grown in its ability to provide a vast array of vertical access services, implementing a three-fold base of growth. Through vast professional experience, willingness and ability to use innovative approaches for difficult jobs, and a mandate that makes safety the primary responsibility, Scaffold Resource has produced many successful and well-publicized projects. Contact us through our website or call 301-924-7223 to learn how the “Scaffold Resource Difference” can work for you.

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