Shoring For Your Construction Project In DC, Maryland & Virginia


In order to keep all workers safe on a construction site, it is of vital importance that all structures are stable and structurally supported. A shoring erection is one of the most common methods for stabilizing a potentially hazardous construction area. Scaffold Resource is a company that offers shoring systems near Washington, D.C., and can advise you on the right type of shoring for your specific construction project. To highlight the benefits of a shoring erection, here is an overview of some of the most common uses of shoring.

Stabilizing Unsafe Structures

Shoring is often used to stabilize structures that have been deemed unsafe or at risk of failure. When a building’s foundation settles or begins to crack with age, it may be at risk of falling dangerously and unexpectedly. A shoring installation will be used to prop up the damaged sections of the building and keep workers safe from potential harm.

Providing Support During Renovations

Even the most stable and well-constructed buildings may become compromised during a renovation or alteration project. Whenever a building’s load-bearing walls or underpinnings are taken out during a renovation, it is necessary to erect a shoring system. The shoring will be used to safely stabilize the affected area while the renovation process is being completed.

Preventing Collapse of Tunnel Openings

Underground construction projects require additional safety measures to prevent hazards and harm to workers. When a tunnel is being constructed, a contractor may use shoring to make sure that the opening of the tunnel is supported and protected from accidental collapse. When shoring is used during tunnel projects, it can help save lives.

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