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Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson MemorialScaffold Resource provided extensive assistance to the restoration efforts of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C in order to ensure the preservation of this historical landmark. We provided easy access to the memorial for restoration experts through the installation of:

  • Access Scaffold across 100% of the memorial dome complete with walk-boards, a tarp compatible cable system, and a tie-off system.
  • Movable Access Scaffold providing underside roof access in the Colonnade and access to all of the perimeter Columns in the Colonnade.
  • A Runway Material Access from the road edge to a Material Hoist allowing for heavy material and equipment transfer on and off the memorial.
  • Movable Gantry System allowing for the removal and reinstallation of 1,200lb roof stones to accommodate rehabilitation of the Portico‚Äôs roof system.
  • Access Scaffold and Work Platforms providing access to the exterior edges of the Portico and interior barrel vault. As well as an Overhead Protection System that allows for the pubic to pass through the construction area and into the main chamber.