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Temporary Roof Enclosures

Construction Site Temporary Structure

When a construction scaffolding site in Maryland, DC, and Virginia needs protection from rain or wet weather, temporary roof enclosures using shrink wrap can prevent loss of time and money by making sure your projects isn’t delayed. Keep your construction site operating efficiently.

Scaffold Resource can provide a Temporary Roof Enclosures (TRE) system for any application in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Temporary Roof Enclosure systems consist of a fabric enclosure system that is integrated with scaffolding systems. The fabricated structural steel trusses are designed to accommodate the temporary weather needs of the project.

A large part of Scaffold Resource’s business involves the erection of temporary roof structures. These structures are an addition to an existing scaffold structure or as a stand-alone scaffold structure. Temporary roofs protect a construction project from weather, dust, and environmental damage.


The design and erection of temporary roof enclosures have changed drastically over the years, with developments in the system scaffolding markets.

With today’s innovative construction site solutions, complications like weather delays and hidden storage costs don’t rule your project. Temporary roof structures protect your site, equipment, crews, and your bottom line.

Scaffold Resource temporary roof structures allow work to continue regardless of conditions that would otherwise bring production to a screeching halt. Industrial fabric structures are an ideal solution to boost productivity while protecting workers and equipment from uncontrolled elements, such as weather or unexpected construction site damage.

Our expertise extends from construction site needs and structures to cover masonry jobs to plumbing installations and concrete pours. These enclosures protect materials and operations from inclement weather and provide your workers with a comfortable environment to work in. Whether it’s because of the frigid cold temperatures of the North or the extreme heat, working conditions can be the key factor in deadline setbacks.

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