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Construction Elevators, Material and Personnel Hoist

Material and Personnel Hoist Service, Design, and Installation DC, VA, & MD

On a construction site, construction elevators play a critical role in your ability to get people, equipment, and materials to where they need to go. It’s important to have construction elevators and hoists that are safe, dependable, and well-equipped for your specific access needs. Since 1988 Scaffold Resource LLC has provided high-quality, innovative, and unique access solutions for our customers’ complex hoist service and rigging jobs in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Our experienced, licensed employees are among the best in the industry and our specialized equipment is unsurpassed, both determined and designed to carry out even the toughest construction hoist jobs. We combine our skilled licensed personnel with an extensive fleet of hoisting, crane, scaffolding, and rigging equipment. Scaffold Resource is a full-service material and personnel construction elevator hoist and licensed operated company delivering customized solutions to satisfy your specific access requirements. We offer a wide range of services from construction hoist rental to specialized construction elevator installations for new and existing buildings.

Restoration and Construction Material Handling Systems 

The three most valued resources at Scaffold Resource is our equipment, services, and licensed employees. Through them, we provide a completely managed solution,  specializing in providing a scalable product that will satisfy the most demanding environments. Our methodology involves free estimates and value engineering consultation. We focus on preparation, planning, and engineering for construction hoist operations. We offer state-of-the-art rack and pinion personnel and material construction hoists suitable for low, mid, and high rise construction. A complete understanding of our customer’s needs enables Scaffold Resource, LLC to execute our services safely, on schedule, and meet our customer’s requirements.

Increase Your Productivity With Construction Material Hoist 

For material handling solutions that meet your construction project needs, rely on Scaffold Resource LLC. We offer a wide range of material lifts and electric hoists from a variety of manufacturers — No matter your project, we’ll have the right product for you.

With a variety of safe and efficient material lifting delivery systems, our construction hoists will help you control your workflow, schedule, and budget. No matter if you are working at 30 feet or 300 feet, contractors have reported huge productivity gains from using our hoists.


Efficient and safe hoisting service is an essential component of a worksite. And must be designed and maintained properly to ensure the smooth operation of the project. Scaffold Resource knows how important hoisting is to the success of your project. We will work closely with your team to implement a material or personnel hoist solution that prioritizes your needs and the safety of your team. Let the Scaffold Resource team take care of your hoisting and rigging needs in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia.

Our experienced, licensed employees are among the best in the industry and our specialized equipment is unsurpassed. We offer a complete portfolio of hoisting services and lifting solutions. Including air chain hoists, beam trolleys, chain and lever hoists, air tuggers, spreader bars, hydraulic rams, and pumps, clamps, and rigging hardware and tackle. Scaffold Resource specializes in custom solutions for your most challenging projects.


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