Urban Umbrella Installation at UMMC Campus

Project Details

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Project Narrative

Scaffold Resource proudly presents the successful installation of Urban Umbrella Overhead Protection (OHP) at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) campus. This project exemplifies our commitment to enhancing pedestrian safety, structural integrity, and urban aesthetics through innovative solutions. 

Urban Umbrealla Overhead Protection installed by Scaffold Resource at UMMC 1

Key Features

  • Superior Structural Integrity: Urban Umbrella OHP is engineered with premium materials, ensuring exceptional durability and strength.

  • Enhanced Pedestrian Experience: By eliminating cross-bracing, Urban Umbrella facilitates smoother sidewalk movement, improves navigation, and enhances storefront visibility.

  • Natural Light Distribution: The patented slip-free transparent roofing evenly distributes natural daylight, creating a brighter and more welcoming environment.

  • Aesthetic and Functional Design: The perforated parapet meets engineering wind-load requirements and provides effective signage display. Patented LED lighting fixtures enhance visibility, promote ground floor tenants, and deter unwanted activities, contributing to a safer and more vibrant sidewalk environment. 
Urban Umbrella Overhead Protection installed by Scaffold Resource At UMMC
Urban Umbrella Overhead Protection installed by Scaffold Resource at UMMC

Project Scope

  • Covered Walkway: Approximately 265 feet of Urban Umbrella covered walkway was installed, with widths ranging from 7 to 10 feet. 

  • Clearance and Stability: The inside clearance of the walkway is approximately 12 feet at the center, tapering to accommodate existing conditions. Cantilevered steel beams cover the existing drive lane, with added counterweights for stability, ensuring a clear height of approximately 11 to 16 feet.
  • Grade Mitigation: The Urban Umbrella steps to mitigate the slope of the existing grade, with the top featuring structural corrugated metal paneling rated at 30 pounds per square foot.

  • Aesthetic Consistency: All components are uniform in color, maintaining aesthetic consistency throughout the installation. 

Turn-Key Solution

Scaffold Resource provided a comprehensive, turn-key solution for this project, including: 

  • Engineered drawings 
  • Structural calculations 
  • Installation 
  • Dismantling of lighting and structural attachments 
  • All work was scheduled to be performed at night to minimize disruptions to the UMMC campus operations. 


The implementation of Urban Umbrella overhead protection at the UMMC campus represents a significant advancement in enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of public spaces. By prioritizing structural integrity, pedestrian safety, and aesthetic appeal, this project sets a new standard for urban infrastructure, benefiting both the community and visitors to the UMMC campus. 

For more information on how Scaffold Resource can transform your urban spaces with Urban Umbrella Overhead Protection, contact us today. 

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