St. Elizabeth's Hospital

Project Details

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  • Shoring beams installation between floors for load capacity

  • Custom bracing required for 4th floor elevations

  • Offsite fabricated towers were utilized and craned into place for 5th story elevations

Project Narrative

The scope of work that was performed by Scaffold Resource, LLC was to design, furnish, install & remove a façade bracing system for the historic façade of the Center Building at the St. Elizabeth’s Campus. This bracing system was designed to accommodate the underpinning operation, exterior excavation and waterproofing, demolition of the existing roof structure and floors, and re-construction of the new interior structure while maintaining the existing historic façade in its original condition.

Revitalization of St. Elizabeth’s Center Building with shoring and bracing by Scaffold Resource

Project Profile

The extent of the façade that was braced is over a mile long and ranges in elevation from 2 stories to 5 stories tall. Typical tilt-up wall braces were used on the 2 and 3 story conditions. Custom 4 story braces approximately 60’ long were fabricated on site to brace the 4 story conditions. On the 5 story conditions custom fabricated towers were designed and fabricated off site. Upon delivery, it was craned into place onto temporary footings. All systems were designed to meet the lateral loading requirements provided by the EOR. In total, our bracing system engaged the façade in approximately 400 points at multiple elevations around the 1 mile plus linear footage of the façade.

During the renovations all walls were being monitored for movement so adjustment points were incorporated into the bracing design with the ability to make fine adjustments to each of the braces as needed in the event of any settlement.

Revitalization of St. Elizabeth’s Center Building with shoring and bracing by Scaffold Resource
wall bracing on St Elizabeth Center Building by Scaffold Resource, serving Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia

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