Navy Yard Metro Station

Project Details

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  • Overhead Protection System designed, engineered & installed over active Metro Station during adjacent new construction.
  • Beams set via Crane to allow up to 65 foot spans.

  • Watertight Roofing System incorporated into the design.

  • Custom Fabricated Brackets attached OHP for wind load during install duration.

Project Narrative

Scaffold Resource was approached to design, engineer, and install an Overhead Protection System at the Metro entrance to escalators as well as bus shed, elevators and entrance to escalators while a new 20 story building was constructed on the adjacent property line.

The primary portion of the project included covering a glass canopy roof over the escalators that measures 40 feet by 65 feet. The clear span of 40 feet required the use of 1,600 pound steel beams to maintain the required ‘Live and Dead’ loading requirements. All labor had to be performed during non-revenue hours while Metro Access was closed. All steel beams were set by crane at night so as to not impede pedestrian traffic.

The installed roof was to be watertight, and particular care had to be used while working around and near glass canopy with large steel equipment. The project had to be designed and constructed as a temporary structure that would remain in place for up to 2 years. This temporary structure was guided into custom fabricated brackets attached to concrete for wind loading and designed to meet all District ADA codes for covered walkways.

Naval yard Metro Station Overhead Protection by Scaffold Resource

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