Museum of the Bible

Project Details

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Project Description

Scaffold Resource designed and installed a loading hoist system in preparation for the completion of the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. As the building was not yet complete, our engineers created a solution to connect the system to an adjacent building with a glass façade. The tie system required exploration of existing structure after the glass was removed at given locations to observe steel structure, record sizes, thickness and orientation of steel structure. The tie system allowed us to meet the demands the loading hoist required as well as not interfering with the exterior glass façade and the interior functions of a working building. Specialty welding was done after hours utilizing a man basket and a crane to position the tie system and connect it to the building. Water proofing was applied around the tie system and finally the hoist installed. This specialty installation allowed the General Contractor to front load work prior to interior operations allowing them to finish construction ahead of schedule and under budget!

scaffolding and hoist by Scaffold Resource at the Museum of Bible in Washington DC

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