MD State House

Project Details

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Project Description

As an access Subcontractor, Scaffold Resource, LLC provided Engineering, Complete Access Installment, and Safety Assessment throughout project duration.

Scope of Work Included:

  • Collaborative efforts and teaming with General Contractor Superintendent to ensure proper access and equipment needed to facilitate required work.
  • Provide and Installment of System Scaffold at south side of structure by way of Stair Tower and runway to grant access where lower roof adjoins with base of dome
  • System Scaffold & Stair Tower Engineered & Installed around exterior of dome (height of 128 feet)
  • 16 Modular Braces installed to stabilize the dome during extensive reconstruction and spread load bearings from scaffold and personnel.
  • Trolley Beam System with Leo Cable Hoist installed along exterior of dome for easy material removal and transfer to and from ground.
  • Debris Containment/Tan Scrim Wrap was designed to support wind loads & installed around scaffold to help contain loose materials from blowing into public space.
  • Overhead Protection installed at stair tower location & integrated within design to accommodate safety of staff utilizing the access.
scaffolding and debris containment mesh on Maryland State House by Scaffold Resource
Scaffolding on Maryland State House by Scaffold Resource
Scaffolding on Maryland State House by Scaffold Resource

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