Milken Center for the Advancement of the American Dream

Project Details

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Project Narrative

Scaffold Resource serves as one of the subcontractors for the construction of the MCAAD building structure. The primary objective of the subcontractor is to contribute to the creation of the physical framework for the Milken Center for the Advancement of the American Dream (MCAAD) building.

Scaffold Resource work at MCAAD Building in Washington, DC

Services Provided:

Scaffold Resource has been instrumental in delivering an array of essential services that contribute significantly to the construction of the MCAAD building structure:

  • Pedestrian Overhead Protection
    • Providing reliable Sidewalk Pedestrian Overhead Protection to facilitate seamless access during construction and maintenance activities.

  • Stair Towers
    • Installing comprehensive worker access via robust stair towers providing safe  and efficient  vertical access to different levels of the construction site.

  • Scaffold Work Platform 
    • Crafting specialized dance platforms, adding a touch of versatility to the project and incorporating unique design elements while minimizing the costly and risky use of lifts and ladders.

  • Façade Access
    • Developing atrium access focused on enabling the sequential handling and installation of structural components and finishes while minimizing downtime and expense from modifications.

  • Wall Bracing
    • Employing a strategic wall bracing design that offers crucial structural support and enables the installation of structural upgrades in an efficient and progressive manner while also utilizing the remaining building structure to resolve loads.

  • Shoring
    • Delivering turnkey shoring solutions for sequenced demolition in collaboration with other contractors, ensuring a smooth process of demo and reinstallation.

  • Rigging and Cable Hoists
    • Installing state-of-the-art rigging systems and cable hoists to facilitate the  movement of materials, specifically focusing on precision operations such as glass and ornamental finishes.

  • Fabricated Structural Bracing
    • Designing and fabricating custom modular bracing solutions aimed at reinforcing  critical areas and supporting heavy loads, ensuring the path of construction can continue in a safe and productive manner.

  • Roof Enclosures
    • Implementing roof enclosures to shield the construction site from external elements, creating optimal working conditions for the project team, and protecting newly installed and historically significant fixtures from damage.
shoring and bracing at MCAAD building by Scaffold Resource
shoring and bracing at MCAAD building by Scaffold Resource

Specialized Focus:

Scaffold Resource’s role in the MCAAD building structure project emphasizes a specialized focus on sequenced and progressive bracing designs, comprehensive access systems, and the seamless integration of safe and reliable rigging and material handling solutions. Maintaining a commitment to seamlessly integrated functionality within the constrains of historical preservation and architectural design criteria. This meticulous attention to detail is particularly evident in the phased atrium curtainwall glass installation and glazing, highlighting Scaffold Resource’s dedication to precision and functionality, always with the end user in mind.

Overhead protection at the MCAAD building by Scaffold Resource

Innovative Solutions:

One of the standout features of Scaffold Resource’s contribution is the implementation of sequenced  bracing and shoring designs, showcasing a commitment to sustainable, safe, and profitable construction practices. Collaborating closely with strategic partner contractors, Scaffold Resource has pioneered turnkey shoring and bracing solutions that reflect a thorough understanding of project sequencing requirements, historical protection standards, and safety.


As a subcontractor, Scaffold Resource’s impact on the MCAAD building structure project goes beyond mere support; it is an integral force shaping the very essence of the architectural and restoration masterpiece that this project embodies. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Scaffold Resource is a key player in transforming the vision of the Milken Center for the Advancement of the American Dream into a tangible reality.

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