Marriott Wardman Park Hotel Redevelopment

Project Details

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Project Narrative and Scope

  • The Wardman would remain open during construction activities. Multiple protection systems were employed during the project. Overhead protection and netting systems would allow the hotel to maintain daily operations without disruption.

  • Special ties were required so as not to jeopardize the historic masonry structure. Upon completion of this restoration the scaffold was remove without any signs of anchoring.

  • The winter months required a significant portion of the scaffold to be enclosed. Additional engineering was performed to accommodate for the additional loads that would be imposed. The scaffold system was modified as necessary so as to accommodate the additional loading and not affect the structural integrity of the system.

  • The two high speed material hoists installed with special ties so as to reduce penetrations into the historic façade. One hoist to access ground level to first floor with ramp for movement of materials to second hoist to access floors 2 thru 8.

  • With the hotel remaining open during construction, site logistics would be a challenge. The limited space onsite for material staging required strategic deliveries with specific material to be coordinated daily. This allowed crews to maintain the necessary levels of production.
Project Profile- Marriott Wardman Park Hotel
Marriott Wardman Hotel in Washington DC with material hoist from Scaffold Resource
Marriott Wardman Hotel in Washington DC with scaffolding and material hoist from Scaffold Resource

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