Jefferson Memorial

Project Details

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Project Description

Scaffold Resource provided extensive assistance to the restoration efforts of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. in order to ensure the preservation of this historical landmark. We provided easy access to the memorial for restoration experts through the installation of:

  • Access Scaffold across 100% of the memorial dome complete with walk-boards, a tarp compatible cable system, and a tie-off system.
  • Movable Access Scaffold providing underside roof access in the Colonnade and access to all of the perimeter Columns in the Colonnade.
  • A Runway Material Access from the road edge to a Material Hoist allowing for heavy material and equipment transfer on and off the memorial.
  • Movable Gantry System allowing for the removal and reinstallation of 1,200lb roof stones to accommodate rehabilitation of the Portico’s roof system.
  • Access Scaffold and Work Platforms providing access to the exterior edges of the Portico and interior barrel vault. As well as an Overhead Protection System that allows for the pubic to pass through the construction area and into the main chamber.
Scaffolding on Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC by Scaffold Resource
scaffolding and hoisting on Jefferson Memorial by Scaffold Resource
night time photo of scaffolding on Jefferson Memorial by Scaffold Resource

Featured Project Highlight:

Our work on this project revolved around providing access to the restoration efforts at the Jefferson Memorial through the rehabilitation of the existing stone by way of the removal of biofilm, repointing of stone joints, and various other historical preservation efforts.

Scaffold Resource installed a runway to allow for the movement of heavy stones and cleaning equipment on an off of the Memorial while traversing the uneven terrain and preserving/protecting the retaining walls that mark your approach to the column surrounded structure. At the end of this large runway is a material hoist that is used to transport materials up to the dome level. This compound style all-in-one approach to longitudinal access provides ease of material movement but also aids in ensuring that the movement of materials does not interrupt public access to the Memorial.

scaffolding on Jefferson Memorial by Scaffold Resource

The design and installation of this access scaffold system was custom, as Scaffold Resource was tasked with providing access for stone restoration of 100% of the dome while maintaining a museum-like hands off approach to the Memorial. The workers traversing the dome throughout the day walked on scaffold installed without the use of mechanical anchors all while ensuring that there was no physical contact between metal components and the stone on the Memorial. This system provides access to the Lower Dome Perimeter through a series of rolling scaffold towers. While on the dome crews can make use of an engineered tie-off system that allows for the safe execution of work done while not on the scaffold.

Other aspects of this design include a cable system that can be utilized with a tarping system to enclose work done with specialty laser equipment.

The scaffold system on the Northwest side of the Colonnade provides restoration crews with access to the entire elevation of columns that surround the Memorial while also providing access to the ceiling of the Colonnade just inside the rank of columns. Scaffold Resource designed this system to be mobile to provide our customer with economical approach to a scope item that demanded access around and to each of the columns that surround the Memorial.

scaffolding on Jefferson Memorial by Scaffold Resource

Lastly, access scaffold has been built along the perimeter of the Portico for restoration access. Spanning across the roof of the portico gantries were designed and installed to assist restoration crews in lifting the 1200lb roof stones from their resting position to the East runway scaffold so that the roof can be replaced, and the stones restored. As you continue into the Portico you will have to proceed through one of three Overhead Protection tunnels that Scaffold Resource designed to assist in ensuring that the public will have safe and continuous access to the inner chamber throughout the restoration process.

Standing inside the Portico, you will see a continuous work platform system overhead. The intent of the design is to essentially create a second floor where restoration work can occur and not impact public access to the space.

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