James M Bennett High School

Project Details

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Project Description

To provide access for ceiling repairs and to light fixtures, our team built a work platform/dance floor in the auditorium of the James M Bennett High School Auditorium in Salisbury, MD.  

Due to this being in an auditorium, systems scaffolding was used to be able to build around the chairs and slanted floor. The chairs were able to remain in place, and only the seats were removed on some rows. The system scaffolding in this project used compression ties off the walls with protection to stabilize the scaffolding in place and to secure the framework of the platform. The seats were covered in plastic to minimize dust and debris on the seats and floor, and protection was placed on the floor and stage to protect the surfaces from where the legs would sit on the deck. The laydown area of equipment was outside in a designated location, and equipment was brought into the auditorium with carts and dollies. 

scaffolding and hoisting at James M Bennett High School
scaffolding at James M Bennett High School by Scaffold Resource
scaffolding at James M Bennett High School by Scaffold Resource

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