Health and Human Services Building

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Project Description

Scaffold Resource provided extensive hoist and scaffolding assistance to the renovation efforts of the U.S headquarters for the Department of Health & Human Services building in Rockville, MD., while ensuring the building remained operable. Scaffold Resource supported this complex multi-phase interior & exterior renovation project. We installed high-speed personnel & material hoists. This allowed us easily keep up with this high-traffic, high-volume project. We then built an expansive interior scaffold system allowing the renovation team underside roof access 160’ off the ground. Our team followed strict installation and safety requirements due to the proximity of traffic zones.

Scaffolding and hosting rental from Scaffold Resource

Featured Health and Human Services Project:

To comply with the strict schedule of the project, our hoist experts took down and relocated our hoists midway through the project completion. This allowed more efficient material & personnel movement during the project. Our team at Scaffold Resource in Maryland built a massive access scaffold system in the new atrium of the building. This allowed construction crews to install sheetrock, plumbing, structural steel, paint, & additional architectural design features.

  • This scaffold system was comprised of 4 towers that measured 40’ wide by 96’ long and 150’ tall.
  • The unique design of the scaffold allowed access to the underside of the roof structure which is at approximately 160’ elevation while also allowing crews to install sheetrock and apply the necessary finishes to the walls.
  • The scaffold had access points on every other floor and also has an internal ladder system within the scaffold so the work crew can easily move from level to level with relative ease.
  • The entire scaffold system contains approximately 60,000 scaffold components, 560 sheets of plywood, and 520 aluminum beams.
    The installation of the scaffold system began on March 7 2013 and was completed on Friday, July 5, 2013, and utilized approximately 4500 man-hours of labor to erect.
  • Scaffold Resource worked closely with Davis Construction to understand their needs. We maintained their very aggressive schedule throughout the build process.
  • Throughout the build process, Scaffold Resource’s Safety team was heavily involved. We provided the training and safety for its workers that will be using the scaffold at the commencement of the build.

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