1201 New York Avenue

Project Details

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Project Description

Scaffold Resource was contacted by Turner Construction for the large renovation at 1201 New York Avenue. The 13 story Commercial Office Building required an interior renovation of the atrium and exterior demolition to replace columns to install a glass curtainwall within an active location. All work was done during the evening- off hour operations of the public.

The large atrium within the building underwent an intensive suspended scaffold and containment system install. Scaffold Resource furnished and installed a wall access system to be cantilevered off the 11th and 12th floors. The scaffold was built down 15 ft into the 10th floor area and spanned 86 ft across to create a platform for remediate work. An 80% debris net and 2,000 pound safety mesh were hung below the scaffold to ensure the safety of the public below as the building remained opened and work was to stay in place during working hours.

Systems scaffold and covered pedestrian walkways were furnished and installed on the exterior of 1201 New York Avenue on 3 sides of the building. The large pedestrian overhead protection system was installed with shoring towers below to withstand the large loads bearing on it from which the scaffold would be built up from. Scaffold Resource followed all guidelines within the OSHA standard for the proper protection install and maintenance- guardrails, lighting, fire retardant barrier, and engineered load bearings. This protection totaled 60+ linear feet.

Additionally, Scaffold Resource installed a full exterior scaffold system (13 stories on three sides) complete with three trolley systems to aide in the columns removal. The demolition trade required this system for removing large chunks of columns to lower toward the ground for removal. A glass curtainwall will follow once the demo has been completed. Per Turner’s Site Logistics, personal protection catchall and containment system were also installed to collect any debris from falling to the public below, as well as safety for the workers. This measured approximately 750 linear feet.

1201 New York Avenue suspended scaffold and containment system by Scaffold Resource
overhead protection by scaffold resource
1201 New York Avenue suspended scaffold and containment system by Scaffold Resource

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