Elevating the Milken Center’s Architectural Dream

In the realm of construction, the fusion of innovation and tradition often leads to remarkable outcomes. This is exemplified in Scaffold Resource’s involvement in the Milken Center for the Advancement of the American Dream (MCAAD) project. As a subcontractor, our contributions are shaping not just a building, but a symbol of architectural ingenuity and heritage preservation.

Services Spotlight:

Our team at Scaffold Resource has been instrumental in providing a suite of essential services that play a crucial role in the construction of the MCAAD building:

Sidewalk Safety:

Ensuring unimpeded access during construction with our Sidewalk Pedestrian Overhead Protection.

Stair Towers:

Offering safe and efficient worker access to various construction levels through sturdy stair towers.

Scaffold Work Platforms:

Introducing versatile dance platforms to enhance the project’s design elements while ensuring safety.

Overhead protection at the MCAAD building by Scaffold Resource
shoring and bracing at MCAAD building by Scaffold Resource

Atrium Access:

Facilitating the sequential installation of structural components with our atrium access solutions.

Wall Support:

Implementing strategic wall bracing designs to provide essential structural support.

Shoring Solutions:

Collaborating with other contractors to provide seamless shoring solutions for demolition and reinstallation.

Material Movement:

Streamlining the movement of materials with state-of-the-art rigging systems and cable hoists.

Structural Bracing:

Custom-designing modular bracing solutions to support heavy loads and ensure construction continuity.

Protective Roof Enclosures:

Shielding the construction site from external elements with our roof enclosures.

shoring and bracing at MCAAD building by Scaffold Resource

Innovative Approach

Scaffold Resource’s contribution to the MCAAD project is characterized by an innovative approach to bracing and shoring designs. Our focus on sequenced and progressive solutions reflects our commitment to sustainable and safe construction practices. By closely collaborating with strategic partners, we have developed turnkey solutions that align with the project’s sequencing requirements and historical protection standards.

Specialized Expertise:

Our specialized focus on comprehensive access systems and the integration of reliable rigging and material handling solutions showcases our commitment to functionality and safety. This expertise is particularly evident in the careful planning and execution of the atrium curtain wall glass installation and glazing, ensuring precision and functionality at every step.

Crafting a Masterpiece: Our Commitment to the Milken Center Project

Scaffold Resource’s involvement in the MCAAD building project goes beyond traditional subcontracting roles. We are actively shaping an architectural and restoration masterpiece, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and innovation. Through our specialized services and innovative solutions, we are playing a key role in bringing the vision of the Milken Center for the Advancement of the American Dream to life.

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