555 Pennsylvania Avenue Construction Scaffolding Project

555 Pennsylvania Ave DC Construction Sidewalk Protection Project
Scaffold Resource was selected to provide DC code pedestrian overhead protection in support of a major structural modification project. The former Newseum location is being transformed into a new Johns Hopkins University medical research facility.
To allow for substantial façade modifications, the overhead protection system is providing vertical and lateral debris protection for foot traffic on the west side of the project. As an added feature, the roof portion of the overhead protection system has been installed complete with rubberized overlayment. This overlayment reduces the amount of overhead protection roof leaks caused by precipitation
The original structure is an extremely intricate and custom-tailored building to accommodate the former Newseum’s open program and flow of visitors.
Over the past few months, the project team has installed roughly 148 tons of steel bracing and reinforcement to hold the building together. Engineering of the columns, shear walls, and slabs are reconfigured. The latest concrete application techniques in conjunction with carbon dioxide capture technology are being used to increase core strength and reduce environmental footprint.
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