Scaffolding Rental Services

Scaffolding rental company Scaffold Resource LLC was founded in 1996 by principals Charles Weiss and Jeffrey Belfield. Since its beginnings, it has been a premier source for shoring system rental and scaffold rental near DC and Maryland. Signature projects include the U.S. Capitol Building, the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the U.S. Supreme Court Building, and the Mid-Hudson, Chesapeake Bay, and Ben Franklin Bridges. We maintain close business ties with the Associated Builders and Contractors, the Scaffold Industry Association, the International Concrete Repair Institute, the D.C. Chamber of Commerce, Washington Building Congress, and the D.C. Metropolitan Subcontractor's Association.

Client Services

Scaffold Resource LLC offers services for both scaffold rental and shoring system rental. Our full range of scaffold and construction support services are intended for projects involving an everyday stock-and-trade scaffolding rental near Washington DC and its surrounding states, as well as additional engineering services such as dismantling, construction, engineering consulting, specialty designing, and emergency services.

Safety First

All of our workers have received the required safety training, and each has attended associated follow-up programs for the equipment they are licensed to use. Scaffold Resource LLC follows all OSHA safety requirements. Our staff participates in daily communication on safe work practices, weekly job-site talks on toolbox safety, and monthly company-wide safety meetings. Daily inspections are carried out on each site to ensure the continued safety of the public, your personnel, and our staff. In addition, we can also design a safety training program for your workers to ensure the safety and welfare of both your workers and the public, and to keep your company in compliance with OSHA regulations.

Type of Scaffolding Products

Scaffold Resource LLC provides several types of scaffolding rental options to fit the needs of any sized job, including system, frame, shoring, and tube and clamp scaffolding, as well as post shores, stair towers, sidewalk bridging, work platforms, rolling towers, portable electric hoists, and aluminum beams and trusses.

Contact Information

If you have any additional requests or need further details regarding our services, call us at 1-888-924-9245 or e-mail us at either or
Signature Projects

Mid-Hudson Bridge
When dealing with a structure as historic and noteworthy as the Mid-Hudson Bridge, Scaffold Resource made sure to protect the bridge itself as well as the travelers below.
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