Scaffolding Projects

Formed in 1996 by Charles Weiss and Jeffery Belfield, Scaffold Resource LLC offers scaffolding systems designed to provide economical, effective solutions for a wide range of construction, restoration, and renovation activities. Our full-service scaffold group uses reliable heavy-duty materials when developing scaffolding projects to meet the stringent safety demands of the industry. We deliver safe, high quality, and competitively priced stock-and-trade scaffolding services to engineering projects throughout Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland, and beyond.

No matter the size and scope of a construction project, we have scaffold rentals to help our clients meet their specific requirements. Scaffold Resource LLC specializes in shoring systems to support structures and prevent collapse during construction and renovation. We can also furnish the jobsite with a variety of scaffold types including stair towers, sidewalk canopies, wall access, dance floors, and high-capacity platform scaffolds depending on the needs of the project.

To minimize labor costs and unnecessary delays, we can provide clients with our state of the art Scaffold System®. Featuring the innovative rosette connector as its centerpiece, this advanced, highly engineered modular scaffold allows for quick installation and dismantling. Its modular components also reduce the number of parts required to build a scaffold. Designed to be highly flexible, our Scaffold System® easily adapts to different types of structures, industrial applications, renovations, special events, and other kinds of scaffolding projects.

Scaffold Resource LLC has gathered professional engineers with extensive field experience to be able to handle even the most complex projects while helping our clients meet tight turn-around times, difficult work conditions, and budget constraints. We place the safety of the public, our clients' personnel, and our own staff with paramount importance in everything we do. We have also designed and furnished scaffold systems for a number of high profile scaffold projects, including America's treasured landmarks and national monuments. Our signature projects include the U.S. Capitol, the U.S. Supreme Court, the Lincoln Memorial, the Museum of Natural History, and the Jefferson Memorial.

With over four decades of experience, our innovative scaffolding systems, and our pool of creative and talented engineering experts, Scaffold Resource LLC will provide any construction project with the same attention to safety and quality as we have given to our signature projects. The high quality scaffold rentals and competitive prices we offer have made our shoring and scaffolding services unparalleled throughout the eastern seaboard.

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Signature Projects

Mid-Hudson Bridge
When dealing with a structure as historic and noteworthy as the Mid-Hudson Bridge, Scaffold Resource made sure to protect the bridge itself as well as the travelers below.
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