Stair Tower

To provide workers with safe access to elevated jobsites, a stair tower may be the best type of scaffolding solution for your project. Stair towers offer one of the easiest and safest ways of reaching rooftops or floors in structures that do not have interior stairways. Designed with guardrails and landing platforms, a stairtower will allow your staff to carry tools and small amounts of material up and down the scaffold.

Whether your project is a new construction, renovation, restoration, or maintenance, we at Scaffold Resource LLC can furnish the jobsite with the temporary scaffolding you need. As each project is unique, we will work closely with you in order to design and provide a stair tower that meets your specific requirements.

At Scaffold Resource LLC, we offer stair towers both for sale and rent. All the stairtowers we sell were conceptualized by our scaffolding engineers and specialists to fit any project and withstand even the toughest and most unpredictable conditions at the worksite. However, no sale will be made until we have addressed the logistical and safety concerns of your project.

As the premier source of scaffolding rentals in the East Coast, we can provide your project with stairtowers that fit the size of the job. We also offer other types of scaffolding and shoring solutions for rent, including rolling towers, heavy duty work platforms, post shores, and wall access scaffolding. To ensure public safety at the site, we can furnish a sidewalk canopy as well.

Because safety is paramount in all our scaffolding projects, we take great care in designing, engineering, erecting, and dismantling the stairtowers and other solutions we provide. We ensure that our work is done strictly in compliance with OSHA standards. Our scaffolding experts can also provide safety training to your personnel, as well as onsite supervision, to ensure that OSHA requirements are followed strictly during the erection, use, and dismantling of the stairtower.

We at Scaffold Resource LLC have been involved in numerous high profile projects in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and other areas along the East Coast. Some of our signature projects include the US Supreme Court, US Capitol, Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, and Chesapeake Bridge.

If you need a stair tower or any other kind of scaffolding or shoring solution for your project, feel free to contact our experts for project consulting. For more details about the products and services we provide, call us at 301-924-7223.

Scaffold Brief

Scaffold Resource provides engineering and erection/dismantle services for scaffold stair towers to meet the demanding access requirements of construction projects.

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