Sidewalk Canopy

General contractors are not only responsible for the safety of their workers in a construction, renovation, or restoration project. For projects located in busy areas where pedestrians are most likely to pass along the site, erecting a sidewalk canopy is necessary to safeguard people from falling debris.

While work is in progress, objects such as tools and building materials may accidentally fall from elevated construction areas and pose a risk to people walking along the site. Hence, when construction activities interfere with walkways and sidewalks the general public normally uses, adequate measures such as overhead protection must be set in place to ensure safety on the ground while still providing pedestrians with a means to travel safely around the area.

When furnishing a sidewalk canopy around the jobsite, general managers must comply not only with OSHA regulations but also with building codes, which can vary from one municipality to the next. Thus, it's important to work with a scaffold company such as Scaffold Resource LLC to ensure that compliance requirements are met when designing and erecting canopies.

As the premier source of scaffolding and shoring system rentals along the East Coast, Scaffold Resource LLC offers high quality scaffold materials to help meet the specific challenges that come with any construction, renovation, or restoration project. Through quality products and expert engineering, as well as strict compliance with OSHA regulations and other applicable standards, we can surely provide the necessary sidewalk canopy our clients need to keep the public safe around the jobsite.

Because we take safety very seriously in every scaffolding project, we at Scaffold Resource LLC provide our staff with extensive competence and safety training on how to erect and dismantle temporary structures for our clients. We can also provide our clients' workers with the necessary training and supervision to ensure that our rental products are assembled, used, and taken down with strict compliance to safety standards.

Need other ways to secure the public and your workers from falling debris? Aside from sidewalk canopies, we can also furnish the site with shoring systems to prevent collapse and help keep structural elements stable. We also offer other scaffolding systems such as stair towers, dance floors, heavy-duty work platforms, and wall access systems to enable workers to safely reach elevated worksites.

Whether a project requires a sidewalk canopy or some other type of scaffolding or shoring system, Scaffold Resource LLC can provide scaffold project consulting to help clients select the appropriate materials and types of temporary structures for their projects. For more info about our products and services, feel free to contact us at 301-924-7223.

Scaffold Brief

Scaffold Resource provides engineering and erection/dismantle services for sidewalk canopy /sidewalk protection to meet project and jurisdictional requirements for public protection.

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