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Suspended Scaffolds: The Do’s And Dont’s

The hoisting of a suspended scaffolding and the working of scaffolders from it usually appears as an extremely daring sight from the ground. Every operation undertaken on suspended scaffoldings, be it of window washing or building exterior repair, is accompanied … Continue reading

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Extreme Scaffolding

This is extreme scaffolding, but to most scaffolders it is just another day at the office. ┬áThe surging waves and the strong gusts of winds are just occupational hazards that they have to contend with as part of their work. … Continue reading

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How Important is Scaffolding Inspection?

Working with scaffolding can be dangerous as it involves risks of getting destabilized if improperly assembled. It is very important to hire contractors who can carry out a thorough inspection of the scaffolding systems on a regular basis so as … Continue reading

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How to Enhance the Skills of Your Scaffolding Workers

Scaffold training is a cost-effective approach for companies to meet regulations, improve safety in the workplace, enhance worker skills and their asset to the company. Keeping this fact in mind, Scaffold Resource offers a rigorous training schedule to its employees … Continue reading

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Amazing Structures: Floating Stairs

The recent design trend features staircases floating in mid air ; these stairs can be designed using a glass balustrade and bolts, cantilevering the stairs from a hidden beam or by using the structure of a spiral shape to make … Continue reading

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Scaffolding in Earlier Times

scaffolding The Berlin Foundry Cup illustrates scaffolding in ancient Greece (early fifth century BC). The ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Nubians used scaffolding-like structures to construct tall buildings. The ancient Africans also used scaffoldings to provide support to high mosques. In … Continue reading

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