Using Scaffolding for Maintenance Work

The use of scaffolding isn’t exclusive to construction projects; it’s also ideal for maintenance work. This is because in terms of safety, stability, and durability, scaffold installations are better alternatives to regular ladders.

In fact, representatives from the Scaffolding, Shoring, and Forming Institute (SSFI) and the Scaffold Industry Association (SIA) pushed for the inclusion of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance work to the scope of tasks covered by the employee protection standards of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). These tasks include but aren’t limited to window washing, painting, decorating, tuck pointing, sand blasting, and water proofing.

In addition, this revised rule enforces scaffold safety training for those assigned to do maintenance work. Through training on subjects from basic guidelines to fall protection, companies can rest assured that their employees will remain safe while cleaning, painting, or doing other maintenance work using scaffolding.

Accidents can happen no matter how simple a task is, especially when working above ground. For this reason, companies should use safe, durable, and reliable scaffolding for maintenance work.

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