Scaffolders: A Peek Into Their Rare Working Conditions

Scaffolding can be both thrilling and pleasurable a job if the workers are made to work in structures hoisted on national buildings or architectural marvels. Imagine watching the world move from an aerial perch atop the Lincoln Memorial, the US Capitol Dome or the Jefferson Memorial. Usually when work is undertaken on these buildings, the milling throngs do not realize the presence of scaffolding spidermen at the greater heights until it is pointed out to them.

Scaffolding under a Bridge!!

What would a scaffolding worker feel when he is working at a Bridge renovation? Imagine being all geared up with harnesses and height gear and taking a break in between work? All you would get to see is the smooth movement of vessels carrying people and materials passing below you. Working into the chilly nights could get you a rare view of sunsets which no one can ever imagine. The back-breaking job gets a much deserved boost from these few breaks coupled with fun filled moments on the risky perches. Get to know more about such dares by our workers at Scaffold Resource.

Scaffolding work in Moscow's Heritage Building!!

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