Scaffold Regulations Specified By OSHA

A host of regulations have been set up by OSHA in order to outline the safety standards to be maintained in scaffolding work. Here is a brief preview of the regulations since the original makes for extensive reading which is time consuming and cumbersome. Broadly the regulations can be classified in the following sub heads if not more:

  • Types of scaffolding: There are two types recognized by OSHA viz. supported scaffolds rising from the ground upwards and suspended scaffolds those hanging with the help of cables.
  • Load capacity: Scaffolds should be able to take their own weight plus four times the maximum load requirement.
  • Scaffold Platforms: In order to protect any falling through intermittent space, scaffold platforms must not have more than one –inch space between side-by-side sections.
  • Guard Rails: This is mandatory at each level of the scaffolding structure on all sides.
  • Foundation: The legs of the scaffold must rest on firm and solid foundation constructed under expert supervision.

For more on scaffolding techniques and rules visit us at Scaffold Resources.

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