Versatile, High-Quality Prefabricated and Custom Wall Access Scaffolds

Here at Scaffold Resource, we offer a wide range of premium scaffolding solutions, among which are our wall access scaffolds. Compared to products offered by most companies, our scaffolding is designed with inherent versatility that makes it the more efficient and cost-effective choice.

Our wall access scaffold is an extremely versatile system that can be used for a variety of access scaffolding requirements. Suitable for new build projects, as well as structure repair, restoration, and maintenance, this scaffolding type features an innovative rosette connector and other components that are lightweight and durable, thus making erection and dismantling procedures safe and effortless for all users.

Our prefabricated and custom wall access scaffolds are the result of almost two decades’ worth of experience gained on high-profile projects in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and other locations.

For more information on this type of scaffold, as well as our other products and services, please click here.

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Reliable Scaffold Rental and Sales by Scaffold Resource

At Scaffold Resource, we understand that each project is unique, and that requirements vary from one customer to another, which is why we offer both scaffold rental and sales to accommodate your needs.

We offer the following scaffolding types for rent or sale:

  1. Shoring: ideal for reshoring in expansion and renovation projects
  2. Stair tower: provides temporary access to elevated structures without interior stairways
  3. Sidewalk canopies: needed for meeting standard project and jurisdictional safety requirements for pedestrians
  4. Dance floor: for easy access to ceiling structures
  5. Wall access: for easy access to upright structure repair, restoration, and maintenance
  6. Work platform: ensure worker safety with our heavy duty platform capable of accommodating up to 250 lbs./sq.ft.

Aside from scaffold rental, we also offer prefabricated scaffolding and custom solutions for more exacting requirements and projects. Our engineering design and safety training also complies with standard OSHA and state regulations and requirements.

To learn more about our products and services, please contact us.

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Our Team of Experts

Just what is it about our company that makes us the go-to source for high-quality scaffolding and shoring solutions? A closer look at our team of experts should answer this question.

Charles Weiss, our founder and president, doesn’t only have extensive experience in the scaffold and vertical access industry, he also has greatly contributed to its growth. His focus is on ensuring safety, not just for our personnel, but our clients’ workers as well.

Jerry Belfield, our co-founder, has 30 years of scaffold industry experience under his belt. One of the biggest projects he has undertaken is the design and installation of scaffolding on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Because of the technical and physical challenges involved in this project, we consider it one of the company’s biggest accomplishments.

Billy Drexel is our Director of Safety. As mentioned earlier, safety is a top priority at Scaffold Resource. His experience in construction spans 24 years, while his scaffolding experience is close to 2 decades.

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Our Shoring Projects

Scaffold Resource has been in the scaffolding and shoring business since 1996. Over the years our shoring projects have resulted in the successful restoration, renovation, and expansion of various structures in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Shoring projects may seem simple, but our work ensures not only the safety of the people working in and around the site, but also the security and integrity of the structure itself. With years of experience working on a vast array of structures, we can confidently state that our company can be trusted to provide you with the shoring requirements your project needs to proceed quickly, safely, and efficiently.

During a snowstorm, for example, the roof of a Toys ‘R’ Us store in Lanham, Maryland collapsed. Given the importance of reinforcing the remaining structure, Scaffold Resource engineered a solution to keep the facility safe and functional while the store underwent repairs and restoration.

For any shoring project, big or small, you can trust Scaffold Resource to be your experienced and reliable partner.

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Should You Rent or Buy Scaffolding Equipment?

Deciding whether they should rent or purchase scaffolding equipment is something that our clients often struggle with. There’s really no right or wrong answer, but the following points can help make the choice much easier:

Rent if:

  • You expect your project to be completed in 3 months or less
  • The project is at a high level (over 6 meters)
  • The project or structure is curved or has an awkward shape
  • You are unfamiliar or unqualified to build, erect, and dismantle your own scaffolding

Buy if:

  • You expect the project to take longer than 3 months to complete
  • The scaffold you need is 6 meters tall or less
  • The project is simple, and involves only straight line elevations
  • You have a safety program in place, as well as fully trained personnel qualified to safely erect and dismantle scaffolding

We at Scaffold Resource LLC are dedicated to providing high quality scaffolding for rent or sale to clients in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. To learn more about our products and services, please browse our website or call us at 301-924-7223.

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Creating Competent Persons through Scaffolding Safety Training

In construction, scaffolding safety training is necessary to create Competent Persons who can ensure that workers are not put in harm’s way when dealing with scaffolding. After all, it is not easy to erect and dismantle scaffolding; potential hazards may be present at the site, and improper installation, usage, and dismantling of scaffold systems can pose a danger to workers.

Those tasked to supervise workers must have the necessary knowledge to allow them to keep the workplace safe. These include knowing general safety and health provisions, proper handling of materials, and use of fall protection, among others.

Competent Person Training ensures that there are employees at the workplace capable of identifying, predicting, and eliminating potential hazards to keep your workers safe from serious accidents.

At Scaffold Resource LLC, our experts can provide Competent Person Training to help ensure that you have the right personnel to supervise workers in operations related to scaffolding. For more information about our safety training programs, feel free to contact us.

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Precautionary Measures When Seeking Equipment for Shoring Projects

Because safety is a top priority in shoring projects of any kind, the durability of the falsework that will be used to support structures under construction, repair, or renovation must be carefully considered. Stated below are certain precautions that have to be kept in mind when seeking shoring systems for rent:

First, you must take into consideration the manufacturer’s maximum safe recommended load for their rental equipment. This will help avoid undue stresses on the falsework that can lead to potential accidents.

Second, you have to make sure that the materials used in shoring rental equipment are of premium quality. Remember, it is far more practical to choose proper – if slightly pricey – equipment for its superior materials than having to repair the shoring system every so often due to substandard quality.

Finally, you must ensure that the rental equipment you will use in your shoring projects has been designed by experts and will be installed in compliance with OSHA regulations and other applicable standards to ensure safety.

To learn more, simply contact our experts here at Scaffold Resource LLC.

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Choosing the Right Scaffolding for Sale to Suit Specific Projects

What most people don’t know is that scaffolding is a very specialized field, which makes it necessary for general contractors to carefully consider the different scaffolding for sale before making a purchase for a particular project. Different skyscrapers, bridges, and other infrastructures require specific scaffold types to complement the design of the structure and provide workers with safe access.

For instance, scaffolds used for building a row of townhouses are largely different from those used for constructing a mall. This differentiation is important because not only does it ensure proper access to worksites, but it also makes sure that nothing is wasted or lacking when it comes to the materials needed to install the scaffold.

Here at Scaffold Resource LLC, we want to give you your money’s worth without compromising our mission to create safe, high-quality products. Thus, we do not simply have scaffold for sale; we have products that have been conceptualized and designed by our experts to cater to our clients’ specific needs.

Should you wish to know more about our scaffolds and what you need for your construction project, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Choosing the Right Products for Installing Wall Access Scaffolds

When there’s a need to provide working access to all the exterior surfaces of a building under restoration, wall access scaffolding offers the best solution for the project. Given the scale that must be covered and the deadlines that need to be followed, contractors handling such a project must use the right materials to quickly install and dismantle the entire system.

Ease of assemblage should be considered when choosing scaffold products for large temporary structures such as a wall access. Workers should be able to quickly put the system together even with the use of standard hand tools. Having fewer building parts further speeds up the installation process.

We at Scaffold Resource LLC can provide large restoration projects with our System Scaffold® to help erect the scaffold quickly. The system features the innovative rosette connector that allows workers to connect each component with just a hammer and a wedge. Each component is also modular, reducing the number of parts needed to build the scaffold.

To learn more, call us at 301-924-7223.

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Scaffolding Project Management Ensures Adaptive Reuse Project Success

As cities modernize, old structures of historical and cultural import find themselves in danger of being either demolished or left abandoned. One way to prevent these from happening is through adaptive reuse. When dealing with these projects, good scaffolding project management will help in ensuring a well renovated structure.

Putting up scaffolding does not end in the planning stage. Erecting and dismantling must also be supervised to ensure that it follows OSHA standards to maintain utmost safety. Proper training must be given to the workers using, installing, and disassembling the scaffolding. At the same time, if it’s necessary to preserve the historic fabric of the structure, special scaffolding methods must be used to avoid causing any damage.

We at Scaffold Resource LLC have vast experience in scaffold project consulting. Our involvement in numerous historic building restoration and maintenance projects gives us the capability of ensuring the success of adaptive reuse projects. For any inquiries about the services we offer, feel free to contact us at 301-924-7223.

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