Scaffolding Rental Services: Top 3 Commercial Uses of Scaffolding

The use of scaffolding dates as far back as the early 5th century when ancient Egyptians and Chinese used these temporary structures to erect tall buildings. Fast forward to the present and you’ll find scaffolding still being widely used in both commercial and industrial applications. For the former, scaffolding rental services are commonly used in:

#1: Construction – Whether small or large in scale, construction projects typically require the use of scaffolding that enables workers to carry out their work safely on elevated platforms. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, around 2.3 million or 65% of workers in the construction industry do their work on scaffolds. There are many types of scaffolding used in construction. Some common examples are: supported scaffolding, which consists of a sturdy base made from poles, brackets, and frames to support work platforms; suspended scaffolding, where the scaffolding is suspended from the roof due to the impracticality of using supported scaffolding; and rolling scaffolding, where wheels are installed at the base of the scaffolding to enable the scaffolding to move.

#2: Repairs and Renovations – Buildings are rarely knocked down or demolished unless they have exceeded their lifespan. This is why repairs and renovations are regularly conducted to maintain the structural integrity and safety of buildings. When it comes to historical structures and landmarks, repairs and renovations are all the more important in order to preserve the culture and identity they represent. In some cases, famous buildings and landmarks need to be reconstructed, which is where scaffolding is needed as well. In such cases, customized scaffolding may be used to meet the unique challenges of working on the structure. For instance, scaffolding must not rest or touch the surface of statues like the Lincoln Memorial, a priceless national treasure. Engineers will usually turn to special scaffolding designs for these.

#3: Events – Last but not the least, scaffolding is also widely used by the events and entertainment industry. From concert and live events stages, to lights and sound systems, scaffolding is used for different applications. For example, grandstand seating may be temporarily assembled in an arena or outdoor stadium for a major concert if a large volume of people are expected to attend. Since scaffolding products are modular in their design and use, they can be built over, under, and around almost any project specification. However, only trained professionals should oversee the construction and dismantling of scaffolding to comply with safety regulations.

While there are many firms that provide scaffolding rental services, the general public is recommended to work only with firms that have a proven track record of success and safety. Based on OSHA records and data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are around 4,500 injuries and over 60 deaths annually related to scaffolding work. These accidents may be prevented if OSHA standards were strictly complied with. As such, asking a firm about their safety training programs and safe work practices of personnel will not only be a prudent move but also prove to be a wise business decision as well.

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Scaffolding Rental Services for the Renovation of Heritage Structures

The restoration and renovation of a heritage structure requires a certain degree of care that isn’t normally found in the construction of more recent buildings. As such, when looking for scaffolding rental services to be deployed to these sites, engineers and contractors have to consider the track record of potential scaffolding service providers. This difference may be attributed to factors such as the building material used in its construction, architectural or artistic details peculiar to the heritage structure, and, for tourist attractions or structures that otherwise see heavy vehicular or foot traffic, the safety of visitors and passers-by.

One thing to watch out for is the equipment used by these scaffolding rental services. Many heritage buildings have unusual structural layouts that might require more complex or specialized scaffolds, usually designed by an engineer or a certified scaffold designer. While modular scaffolds are capable of doing the job most of the time, they might have limitations in terms of shape, handrail positions, and available headroom.

Whenever possible, owners or caretakers of historic structures ask for referrals from owners and caretakers of other buildings that have gone through renovation. While no two heritage buildings are the same, the importance of prior experience cannot be emphasized enough. Did the previous provider of scaffolding rental services exercise utmost care in dealing with delicate structural embellishments like stone carvings or bas-reliefs? How many man-hours were lost due to accident or delays, if at all? What kinds of safety measures were implemented during the project? These types of questions must be asked.

Because long-time providers of scaffolding rental services have successfully completed similar projects before, one is more inclined to trust them when it comes to getting the job done safely and successfully. Aside from ensuring the safety of stoneworkers, painters, and carpenters, scaffolding rental services also have to take care of the public and those who continue to use the structure. While many buildings close during renovation, there are others that have to stay open as they serve a large segment of the public. The Mid-Hudson Bridge, for example, required a substantial amount of work, including the replacement of lead-based paint and the installation of new lighting fixtures, among others. However, it also serves as a vital link in one of New York State’s major thoroughfares, serving as the only walkable bridge that crosses the Hudson River in its area.

The location of the bridge itself presented a unique issue. Because the Hudson Valley was prone to gale-force winds, engineers estimated that the scaffold should withstand winds with speeds of up to 100 miles per hour, with the wind only getting stronger as the scaffold got higher. In addition, it had to endure the shaking of the bridge brought about by constant vehicular traffic. The project managers and the provider of scaffolding rental services agreed upon a heavy-duty design that combined strength and access to vital parts of the suspension tower and cables. By the time installation was complete, the finished scaffold was more than 260 feet high and had a span of 40 feet, or three lanes of cars going one way.

Thanks in no small part to advanced scaffolding rental services, the Mid-Hudson Bridge and similar heritage structures have been restored to their original condition.

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Scaffolding Rental Services for Shooting Shows and Live Events

Cinematographers and film or TV directors alike are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to the quality and angle of the shots that they take. Scaffolding rental services come in handy for these occasions. Despite the emergence of technology such as drones, there are times when static or stationary cameras are still preferred, especially if the director desires a steady shot with minimal movement. Scaffolding may be used to take shots from an elevated angle.

Typical applications of scaffolds in the entertainment industry include aerial shots, such as those showing a crowd, an expanse of land, or action spread over a large area. One film genre that uses scaffolding rental services extensively is the epic movie genre; directors of this genre often employ sweeping wide-angle shots to capture the magnitude of an event or the grandeur and beauty of a certain landscape. Many iconic scenes from epic moves were taken from high places, such as hills. The topography of these settings are what renders the direct mounting and placement of cameras impractical. As such, scaffolding is brought in to provide a level and stable surface for the professional camera operator to do the job and get the right shot.

Other genres also make extensive use of scaffolding rental services. A director who is shooting an indoor scene, for example, can use a camera mounted on an outdoor scaffold to give viewers an “outside looking in” perspective. Scenes shot inside large, cavernous indoor settings also make use of scaffolds, particularly those shot in the round.

The applications of scaffolding rental services are not just confined to the film industry, though. One may notice multiple cameras mounted on scaffolds at large events such as concerts, political or religious gatherings, or conventions. Aerial shots give the viewer a more comprehensive view of the event and an idea of the crowd size. Without these aerial shots, viewers will not be able to take in the sights and sounds of these events, such as fireworks displays.

Finally, scaffolding rental services find widespread use in sporting events. Many sporting venues do not have permanent camera stands; thus, camera crews need a sturdy surface where they can mount all sorts of cameras ranging from standard wide-angle cameras to slow-motion, high-definition cameras for instant replay. A wide-angle aerial shot of a stadium coming from a scaffold-mounted camera will ensure that fans and supporters are able to catch all the plays that matter.

All things considered, however, any producer worth his or her salt will not rush out and get scaffolding from just any source. Many production outfits already have accredited scaffolding rental services who are certified to work with heavy-duty equipment. Not all scaffolds are created equal, either. While all scaffolds have to conform to minimum safety ratings, scaffolds to be used by camera crews have to be thoroughly tested to ensure that they can carry heavy equipment for long periods. A typical field production camera, for instance, can weigh as much as four hundred pounds, putting pressure on the tripod and scaffold surface itself, with the cables weighing just as much.

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The Importance of Using a Vendor with a Complete Range of Scaffolding Services

As a construction contractor, it is unlikely that you maintain an inventory of scaffolding equipment. Even if you own some basic pieces, you are going to encounter projects requiring sophisticated equipment, as well as expertise, that you do not have in house. If you want to be able to bid on large projects, including those for public works, you will need access to the full range of scaffolding services that are available from third parties.

Your company could be a well-regarded expert at constructing high-rise buildings. If you win a contract to build a high rise condominium, you will need sophisticated scaffolding services. During construction, you may need a heavy duty work deck platform that spans a wide traffic lane. Do you have the engineering expertise and scaffolding inventory necessary for constructing this platform? Probably not, so you need to subcontract with a company that specializes in this area.

As another example, perhaps you won a contract to perform bridge repair and renovation. You know that you will need special scaffolding services and technical expertise to carry out the contract without disrupting the traffic that crosses the bridge every day. This will require equipment that can withstand sustained, high winds as well as the natural oscillations that occur on a bridge. You will have to outsource to a scaffolding company whose engineers know how to construct such a scaffold and can provide the actual equipment to comply with the instructions of the engineers.

As you may realize, proper scaffolding is critical because of project and staffing issues. In order to access all areas of a bridge or to maintain a staging area for equipment, scaffolding must be erected properly and precisely. In order to minimize injuries to crews, scaffolding must withstand heavy stresses and loads.

To do the job properly, as well as to maintain safety, find a company that brings a record of success in a wide variety of private and public construction projects to help with your scaffolding needs.

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Different Types of Commercial Scaffolding for Sale or Rent

Scaffold Resource offers quality scaffolding systems, as well as scaffold design, project management, and safety training to suit all types of commercial applications. With different types of scaffolding for sale or rent, we can arrange for the convenient erection, maintenance, and dismantling of our scaffold systems at any project site.

Although we have a large database of professional contractors and clients, we mainly offer the following commercial scaffold types for sale or rent in Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland:

  1. Shoring
  2. Stair tower
  3. Sidewalk Canopy
  4. Dance Floor
  5. Wall Access
  6. Work Platform

With proven expertise and experience come professionalism, quality materials, and satisfied clients. Scaffold Resource has almost two decades’ worth of experience in the scaffolding industry. There’s no project too big or small for us. We are dedicated to ensuring complete reliability and your peace of mind. You can be sure that all our scaffolding for sale or rent meet only the highest standards of the industry.

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Choose a Scaffolding Provider with Scaffolding Engineering Expertise

As you might imagine, repair of historic structures requires an expertise that is uncommon among scaffolding companies. Most of these companies offer the equipment, but not the engineers, who can analyze your unique repair needs and recommend exactly the scaffolding that is needed to get the job done. It is most helpful to use a supplier who can furnish both the equipment and engineering expertise.

In the Washington DC area, there are numerous historical landmarks and bridges that require both of these assets to complete repairs. For example, restoration of the Lincoln Memorial carried with it the challenge of making sure that scaffolding did not touch the surface. Scaffolding engineering expertise was necessary to enable workers to perform repairs and restoration safely from adjacent supports. Another example is repair of the Ben Franklin Bridge, which was built almost 90 years ago. Specialized scaffolding engineering was required to erect scaffolding that could withstand winds of 100 miles per hour. The scaffolding also had to be installed over active bridge traffic. Finally, engineers had to figure out how to deliver the equipment on barges.

Also requiring precise scaffolding engineering was the renovation of the Arts and Industry Building that housed the original Smithsonian Institution beginning in 1881. With a Victorian appearance, this building has an unconventional shape that presented a number of engineering challenges for the scaffolding. The skeleton structure had to withstand high winds, yet could not anchor to the building’s façade. Also, the scaffolding had to allow for load transfers and had to span many existing trenches.

Renovations always present complex challenges. When you add the complexities of working on national landmarks or bridges that span high above the water, you need engineering expertise that is relatively uncommon. It is most efficient to find that expertise within your scaffolding provider. The engineers know their equipment and are in the best position to make sure that it can handle all of the constraints required in the repairs.

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Temporary Stairtower Systems

Stairtower systems are either used for accessing adjoining scaffolding or erected as a freestanding structure that is secured to a building. The stairs can also be modified to run in the same or opposite direction.

Temporary stairtowers provided by Scaffold Resource enable you to get crew and supplies up or down to any work level quickly, easily, and safely. Available for rent or sale, this access solution lets you combine standard components with stair units and erect towers in many different landing options or stairway widths. For added safety, we can also customize your stairtower systems and add features such as handrails or non-skid surfaces for sure footing.

Scaffold Resource is a leading provider of temporary access solutions, from simple internal access to more complex stairtowers for public areas. If you need stairtower systems or any other kind of scaffolding or shoring solution for your building or construction project, please feel free to contact us to learn more about our available products for sale or rent.

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Find the Best Provider of Shoring Rental Equipment

The unique location of the nation’s capital and the surrounding states of Virginia and Maryland present some interesting construction problems. While the relatively southern locations of these areas means that they do not get the steady snow storms of Buffalo, NY, their proximity to the ocean can bring a sudden deluge of snow, which will cause the collapse of roofs. In addition, because these regions were among the first to be developed in the country, a number of structures are old and in need of repair.

To make these repairs, it is necessary to use shoring equipment to maintain structural integrity of the form work. While a contractor performing the repairs might own shoring scaffolding, it is more economical to rent shoring equipment. As you review the right shoring rental provider, make sure that your contractor maintains a staff of engineers and other technical experts who can evaluate your shoring needs.

For example, if you have a roof that collapsed due to the weight of snow, you will need an evaluation of the work environment to determine how to ensure worker safety while performing repairs. Your vendor will direct you to the shoring rental that is appropriate for your situation. This includes the right shoring equipment to stabilize what is left of the building. You need experts who can tell you whether you need to shore against lateral loads of what remains of the building and what to do to ensure such protection.

When you rent shoring equipment from a vendor with engineering expertise, you will get exactly the right kind of support scaffolding, including equipment that is sophisticated and heavy duty. For example, a parking structure built in the sixties may start to deteriorate, causing it to sag, and pose a danger to drivers and pedestrians. Such a structure can weigh over 100 tons, so your shoring rental will need to provide appropriate strength.

Make sure that you are renting the correct shoring equipment from a provider with expertise.

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Scaffold-type Shoring Projects for Multi-story Building Construction

Scaffold-type shoring projects are some of the most frequent requirements and applications in building construction. In multi-story work, shoring must be installed in enough floors to ensure that the needed capacity to support imposed loads without excessive stress or refraction is provided.

Tubular steel form scaffolding was first developed to support loads imposed by workers who need to access work areas. Since the system of jacks in this type of system makes it easier to adjust and level elevations, scaffold-type shoring is often used as support for formwork. Due to its modular assembly, it is also considered a common option for rapid utilization for formwork support.

Scaffold Resource specializes in delivering scaffolding and shoring products and services in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Its notable shoring projects include the construction, renovation, and historical restoration of high-profile private and commercial buildings such as Brentwood Elementary, Burtonsville Barn, and Commerce Park.

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Enlisting a Local Provider of Scaffolding in Washington D.C.

The growing population of Washington, D.C. brings with it a need for more buildings, both residential and commercial. To cope with the ongoing development in the nation’s capital, construction companies will need a reliable provider of quality scaffolding in Washington D.C.

The success of any construction project heavily depends on appropriate implementation of time management procedures within the project team. Not only will it determine your efficient use of budgeted time, money, and resources, but it also enables your team to carry out the steps necessary for completing the project.

The convenience of having materials such as scaffolding easily available within the city is necessary in meeting critical timelines, which can make or break the success of your project. Scaffold Resource, with its talent pool, extensive resources, and almost two decades’ worth of experience in the industry, has been involved in the timely completion of challenging jobsites in the D.C. area including national treasures such as the U.S. Capitol and Lincoln Memorial.

For reliable, safe, and high-quality scaffolding in Washington, D.C., please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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