Making decisions can be hard sometimes. For example, deciding if you should buy or rent scaffolding equipment. How do you know what way to go? If you rent, then yes it could be cheaper. However, it depends on how long you are going to have it. Because if you have it for too long, then it can get to a point where you might as well have bought scaffolding, because now you are paying as much as if you had bought the stuff, maybe even more.

However, how are you going to know what way to go unless you get an idea of all the advantages and disadvantages that come from buying or renting scaffolding equipment? Well, you won’t unless you know everything you need to know. Then you will feel like you are making the right choice when you choose what way you should go when buying or renting scaffolding for sale.

No worries because I got you covered! Down below is a list of reasons why you would want to rent scaffolding equipment and some reasons why you might want to buy instead. When you are finished reading this, you can make your decision and feel good about that decision because you will know that you are going the right way.

Let start with reasons why you should get scaffolding rental equipment and then after we can move onto reasons to buy scaffolding equipment. Some other things we will cover on scaffolding is what pricing looks like for both renting and buying. So, let’s get started!

3 Reasons Why You Should Rent Scaffolding Equipment:

  1. How long it’s going to take: This one is a big one. If you are going to need it for three months or less than you might want to just rent. Because if you look at it, you are already spending a lot of money and you need scaffolding equipment to get this job done. So, all to say that paying to rent scaffolding equipment for three months or hopefully less, in the long run, it isn’t that much.
  2. Storage: When making decisions, you have to look at everything and make sure that whatever you are looking at, you carefully look at the good and bad. That brings us to talking about storage. Scaffolding equipment can take up quite a bit of room. So if you are only doing one job and it’s not going to take that long, then it might be better to go with renting. That way you don’t have to store it anywhere. Storing big items or a lot of things can not only get pricey, but also be a lot of unneeded work on your end. This is another good thing about renting. This also depends on how much scaffolding equipment you will need when doing the job.
  3. Safety: When trying to decide if you should rent or buy scaffolding equipment, consider how much experience you have with it. You have to be putting up and taking down all this equipment, so there for you want to make sure that you and your team are safe when working with scaffolding equipment. So make sure that you think about it to see if you might need the help from someone who has experience with such stuff. This is something to keep in mind when looking to get scaffolding rental equipment.

Now you know a little about the good reasons why you might want to rent Scaffolding equipment. There are a ton of good reasons why you should maybe rent, and there are just as many why you should buy. So now let’s move on to finding out why you might want to buy scaffolding equipment instead of renting.

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Scaffolding Equipment:

  1. Time: It’s probably a good idea to buy Scaffolding equipment if you are going to have it for longer than 8-12months. Or if you are planning on doing more jobs that require scaffolding equipment. That way you are not paying over and over again for the same item. You will have it whenever you need it. So depending on the time you are going to need the equipment, buying might be the way to go. Probably only if it’s going to go past 3-4 8-12months to complete the project.
  2. Cost: Make sure that your budget can afford what way you choose to go, whether renting or buying. If your budget can afford to buy and you decide that buying is a good way for you and your team to go, then go for it. However, don’t do it unless your budget can afford it, because you still have lots more to do. All you have to do is check your budget and decide if you should buy or if renting might be better. Because let’s say you might just have one project you need it for. Or if you need it for a number of different projects than you might just want to look into buying scaffolding.
  3. Someone that knows what they are doing: You are going to want to make sure that you have someone who knows how to put up and take down the scaffolding. Having someone who knows what they are doing can make all the difference when it comes to deciding if you should buy or rent scaffolding equipment. Because you and your team’s safety should always be a number one priority when working with such stuff as scaffolding equipment.

We now have talked about reasons why you might buy, and reasons why you might rent when it comes to deciding if you want to buy or rent scaffolding equipment. Now let’s move onto learning a little bit more about the disadvantages and advantages of buying or renting scaffolding when it comes to cost.

Pricing is another big one because if you are going to rent scaffolding equipment than believe me, it can and probably will get expensive very fast. So buying might be the way to go if it’s going to be a while that you have the scaffolding equipment. However, the storing part of scaffolding equipment can get tricky. There are so many reasons why you should buy, and there are so many reasons to rent when it comes to scaffolding equipment, that it can be hard to decide what way to go, am I right?

Anyway, let’s move on to pricing. Down below we are going to talk about how much it is to rent scaffolding equipment, and then how much to buy scaffolding equipment might be. So let’s go find out!

Pricing For Renting Scaffolding Equipment: Before you know just how much it’s going to be to rent scaffolding equipment, you should make sure to measure the area where you are going to need the scaffolding. So that way you get an idea of how much you are going to need for the job.

You should also be aware of the fact that sometimes even though you got a quote from the scaffolding companies or scaffolding consultant, bills can rack up with things like scaffolding. So make sure to always be ready for something to come up that you didn’t expect. This is very important because you need to make sure that your budget can rent scaffolding equipment.

When it comes to renting or buying scaffolding equipment, you have more than just the cost of the scaffolding. Scaffolding rental is about 2,000 for a trailer load. With about a billing period of at least 28 days. All to say that you should be aware of the fact that you have other stuff too that you have to get.

Pricing For Buying Scaffolding Equipment: Buying scaffolding is a little bit different. Now, remember although it might seem a little pricey (and it is) you will own it and not have to buy it for other projects that need scaffolding. Anyway, there are quite a few reasons why you might just want to go the buying way when deciding if you should rent or buy scaffolding. And pricing is a big one so let’s find out what it looks like for buying scaffolding.

When it comes to buying scaffolding, it will be more expensive than scaffolding rental. It cost about 40,000 for every trailer load. Yes, I know that sounds like quite a bit of money, however, when you are looking at buying something for an already big job it isn’t really that much. Plus you won’t need to repurchase it.

Buying scaffolding can have good and bad about it. All to say make sure that you look at the good and bad about buying and renting before going one way or the other.

Deciding to buy or rent scaffolding can be a hard decision for a business owner to make. However, you now know what to look for when thinking if you should rent and you know what to look for if you’re thinking about buying scaffolding equipment. You also know what pricing looks like for both renting and buying scaffolding. Overall when deciding, you should look at every advantage and disadvantage that come from both renting and buying scaffolding. That way you will be sure that you are making an educated decision and one that you will be confident in.

Sale/Buy back Option?

Yes, there may be an option for a sale of the material with a buy back at the end of the project. While this can have obvious accounting and budgeting benefits for your project, this again depends on your specific needs and time frame for your project. One of our sales associates will be happy to discuss all options available to you and help you decide the best approach for your specific project.