Cinematographers and film or TV directors alike are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to the quality and angle of the shots that they take. Scaffolding rental services come in handy for these occasions. Despite the emergence of technology such as drones, there are times when static or stationary cameras are still preferred, especially if the director desires a steady shot with minimal movement. Scaffolding may be used to take shots from an elevated angle.

Typical applications of scaffolds in the entertainment industry include aerial shots, such as those showing a crowd, an expanse of land, or action spread over a large area. One film genre that uses scaffolding rental services extensively is the epic movie genre; directors of this genre often employ sweeping wide-angle shots to capture the magnitude of an event or the grandeur and beauty of a certain landscape. Many iconic scenes from epic moves were taken from high places, such as hills. The topography of these settings are what renders the direct mounting and placement of cameras impractical. As such, scaffolding is brought in to provide a level and stable surface for the professional camera operator to do the job and get the right shot.

Other genres also make extensive use of scaffolding rental services. A director who is shooting an indoor scene, for example, can use a camera mounted on an outdoor scaffold to give viewers an “outside looking in” perspective. Scenes shot inside large, cavernous indoor settings also make use of scaffolds, particularly those shot in the round.

The applications of scaffolding rental services are not just confined to the film industry, though. One may notice multiple cameras mounted on scaffolds at large events such as concerts, political or religious gatherings, or conventions. Aerial shots give the viewer a more comprehensive view of the event and an idea of the crowd size. Without these aerial shots, viewers will not be able to take in the sights and sounds of these events, such as fireworks displays.

Finally, scaffolding rental services find widespread use in sporting events. Many sporting venues do not have permanent camera stands; thus, camera crews need a sturdy surface where they can mount all sorts of cameras ranging from standard wide-angle cameras to slow-motion, high-definition cameras for instant replay. A wide-angle aerial shot of a stadium coming from a scaffold-mounted camera will ensure that fans and supporters are able to catch all the plays that matter.

All things considered, however, any producer worth his or her salt will not rush out and get scaffolding from just any source. Many production outfits already have accredited scaffolding rental services who are certified to work with heavy-duty equipment. Not all scaffolds are created equal, either. While all scaffolds have to conform to minimum safety ratings, scaffolds to be used by camera crews have to be thoroughly tested to ensure that they can carry heavy equipment for long periods. A typical field production camera, for instance, can weigh as much as four hundred pounds, putting pressure on the tripod and scaffold surface itself, with the cables weighing just as much.