As a construction contractor, it is unlikely that you maintain an inventory of scaffolding equipment. Even if you own some basic pieces, you are going to encounter projects requiring sophisticated equipment, as well as expertise, that you do not have in house. If you want to be able to bid on large projects, including those for public works, you will need access to the full range of scaffolding services that are available from third parties.

Your company could be a well-regarded expert at constructing high-rise buildings. If you win a contract to build a high rise condominium, you will need sophisticated scaffolding services. During construction, you may need a heavy duty work deck platform that spans a wide traffic lane. Do you have the engineering expertise and scaffolding inventory necessary for constructing this platform? Probably not, so you need to subcontract with a company that specializes in this area.

As another example, perhaps you won a contract to perform bridge repair and renovation. You know that you will need special scaffolding services and technical expertise to carry out the contract without disrupting the traffic that crosses the bridge every day. This will require equipment that can withstand sustained, high winds as well as the natural oscillations that occur on a bridge. You will have to outsource to a scaffolding company whose engineers know how to construct such a scaffold and can provide the actual equipment to comply with the instructions of the engineers.

As you may realize, proper scaffolding is critical because of project and staffing issues. In order to access all areas of a bridge or to maintain a staging area for equipment, scaffolding must be erected properly and precisely. In order to minimize injuries to crews, scaffolding must withstand heavy stresses and loads.

To do the job properly, as well as to maintain safety, find a company that brings a record of success in a wide variety of private and public construction projects to help with your scaffolding needs.