The unique location of the nation’s capital and the surrounding states of Virginia and Maryland present some interesting construction problems. While the relatively southern locations of these areas means that they do not get the steady snow storms of Buffalo, NY, their proximity to the ocean can bring a sudden deluge of snow, which will cause the collapse of roofs. In addition, because these regions were among the first to be developed in the country, a number of structures are old and in need of repair.

To make these repairs, it is necessary to use shoring equipment to maintain structural integrity of the form work. While a contractor performing the repairs might own shoring scaffolding, it is more economical to rent shoring equipment. As you review the right shoring rental provider, make sure that your contractor maintains a staff of engineers and other technical experts who can evaluate your shoring needs.

For example, if you have a roof that collapsed due to the weight of snow, you will need an evaluation of the work environment to determine how to ensure worker safety while performing repairs. Your vendor will direct you to the shoring rental that is appropriate for your situation. This includes the right shoring equipment to stabilize what is left of the building. You need experts who can tell you whether you need to shore against lateral loads of what remains of the building and what to do to ensure such protection.

When you rent shoring equipment from a vendor with engineering expertise, you will get exactly the right kind of support scaffolding, including equipment that is sophisticated and heavy duty. For example, a parking structure built in the sixties may start to deteriorate, causing it to sag, and pose a danger to drivers and pedestrians. Such a structure can weigh over 100 tons, so your shoring rental will need to provide appropriate strength.

Make sure that you are renting the correct shoring equipment from a provider with expertise.