Just what is it about our company that makes us the go-to source for high-quality scaffolding and shoring solutions? A closer look at our team of experts should answer this question.

Charles Weiss, our founder and president, doesn’t only have extensive experience in the scaffold and vertical access industry, he also has greatly contributed to its growth. His focus is on ensuring safety, not just for our personnel, but our clients’ workers as well.

Jerry Belfield, our co-founder, has 30 years of scaffold industry experience under his belt. One of the biggest projects he has undertaken is the design and installation of scaffolding on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Because of the technical and physical challenges involved in this project, we consider it one of the company’s biggest accomplishments.

Billy Drexel is our Director of Safety. As mentioned earlier, safety is a top priority at Scaffold Resource. His experience in construction spans 24 years, while his scaffolding experience is close to 2 decades.