Scaffold Resource has completed projects and provided scaffold and shoring rental services for a wide variety of job sites. Since the company was founded, it had lent its creative talents and expertise to some of the industry’s most significant and challenging building projects, which include schools, parks, religious buildings, and commercial spaces.

Companies and organizations that rent shoring equipment from Scaffold Resource can expect only the highest quality standards in safety and expertise. A great example would be the work that Scaffold Resource has done for Brentwood Elementary School. We furnished and installed a shoring system to aid building renovations while ensuring the safety of students and faculty as the existing structure remained in operation.

Two other signature projects that have benefited from our shoring rental services are the religious buildings of New Life Ministries and St. Jane. For both job sites, Scaffold Resource designed, furnished, and installed special shoring systems and utilized unique design approaches to support the buildings’ structural integrity requirements.

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