Enlisting a Company that Offers Safety Training to Ensure Proper Use of Shoring Systems

Shoring systems are used to provide support to damaged or crumbling structures during construction or renovation projects. If they’re not installed properly, they can do more harm than good by making the infrastructure more vulnerable to collapse. To ensure proper use of these systems, contractors should enlist a company that offers safety training.

Through a training program, workers gain a basic knowledge of different shoring systems and how they are supposed to be used. For those who will act as supervisors, competent person training is given. This enables them to identify predictable hazards involved during installation and gives them the authority to make corrective measures when necessary. Workers are also trained to follow Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and other applicable standards for safety and compliance.

Scaffold Resource LLC offers safety training that can help workers control and minimize potential hazards in shoring projects. Contact us at 301-924-7223 to learn more.