Two Types of Scaffolding that Provide Ceiling Access

There are many building projects that require workers to access hard-to-reach elevated areas. Examples would be repair or maintenance work done on the ceilings of massive cathedrals or hotel lobbies. Building contractors can look into two specific types of scaffolding to allow ceiling access: the dance floor/work platform and stair tower.

Through a vertical ladder, workers can use dance floor/work platforms for ceiling and under bridge deck access. Since this scaffold type is bigger in size, more workers can have access to the ceiling at the same time. They can even put some of their equipment on the scaffolding. Compared to other types of scaffolding, this is the best choice if renovation or maintenance is required for the entire ceiling.

Although stair towers are commonly used to provide temporary access to floors or rooftops without interior stairways, they can also be used for ceiling access. Unlike the dance floor/work platform a stair tower is smaller and can often accommodate only one person. This type of scaffolding is best used for renovations or maintenance work on a small section of the ceiling.