Domes, curved walls, and circular buildings are difficult scaffolding projects because of their inherent complexity. Many ready-made scaffolding equipment such as frame and rolling scaffolds aren’t very useful for these types of buildings. When working on complex structures, it’s better to use tube and clamp scaffolds.

These scaffolds are usually made of the most basic scaffold materials: the tubing and the clamp, which must be carefully set up and put together. The installation process can be tedious and labor intensive, but the versatility of this type of scaffold allows it unmatched by other equipment. Tube and clamp scaffolds can easily be erected to hug the walls and ceilings of buildings with curved or unusual designs, thus enabling workers to safely access and work on them.

To save time and effort when setting up tube and clamp scaffolds for complicated scaffolding projects, contact We have the necessary knowledge, tools, and manpower to erect them quickly while adhering to OSHA regulations.