As an advanced and highly engineered modular scaffolding product, the Scaffold System® is one of the most dynamic and versatile solutions in the market today. Because of its simplicity, the system can be adapted for use in any structure, making it an ideal choice for any construction project.

At the very core of the Scaffold System is the rosette connector. This highly modular component minimizes the number of required building parts, allowing for secure and convenient installation and dismantling. It can also help simplify on-site management of the scaffolding system, which can reduce delays and labor costs.

To assemble the Scaffold System, the wedge head is simply aligned with the rosette. Then, a wedge is inserted into the top of the wedge head. Using a hammer, the wedge is then secured into the rosette.

Getting the right scaffold is important in ensuring safety, fast turnaround time, and success of a construction project. With our knowledge, expertise, and cost-effective scaffold rental solutions, we at Scaffold Resource can help contractors and construction managers choose products that meet their projects’ requirements.