For contractors in Virginia, scaffolding rental services are indispensable when performing renovation or repair jobs in any of the state’s theaters and opera houses. The use of scaffolding in Virginia projects such as these allow workers to access even the most difficult to reach areas.

Virginia has a rich cultural heritage, with notable performance theaters and venues, as well as opera houses located both in the cities and suburbs. More than just venues for showcasing local and international talent, these structures are historical treasures that must be preserved for future generations.

With some of these venues having been in operation for several decades, they will inevitably need to undergo renovation or repairs. Contractors have various options for scaffolding in Virginia. Scaffolding rental options will vary depending on the type of access workers will need. For example, dance floor scaffolds provide easy access to ceilings, while a shoring system will be necessary for supporting the structure when creating a new wing. To determine the best scaffold systems for their project, contractors must consult with their service provider.