Enlisting professionals for a scaffolding engineering project enables project managers to ensure all the bases are covered. Before closing a deal, however, contractors should look into the scope of services the company offers to make sure they meet their exact requirements. Generally, there are six phases a company must observe during a scaffold engineering project.

Project Consulting, This involves discussing the project requirements and in some cases, any expectations each party may have.

Field Analysis. The scaffolding services company visits the project site and assesses the requirements, risks, and other relevant factors firsthand to determine the best type of scaffold system/s to address the project’s various needs.

Scaffold Design. The company develops the design for the scaffolding system in accordance with their findings to ensure cost-effectiveness and safety.

Engineering. This involves building and testing the design.

Erection. The company then installs the scaffolding system on site with careful attention to detail.

Follow-up. The company double checks the scaffold system to ensure stability and safety.