Safety should be of paramount importance in any construction or restoration project. Through comprehensive scaffolding safety training, workers are able to perform their functions properly without posing threats to themselves or others.

Scaffolding safety practices are vital in preventing accidents such as falls or injuries caused by falling objects. These accidents may result from a worker’s neglect of scaffolding safety regulations. These accidents do not only mean a loss of manpower, but also leave a company vulnerable to a lawsuit.

Despite their importance, some construction and restoration companies are not fully equipped to impart scaffolding safety practices and regulations to their workers. A professional scaffolding company can implement a training program on scaffolding safety rules, tips, and other matters to make sure all their bases are covered.

Scaffolding safety training programs can be tailored to suit a company’s unique needs for a project. These can include user, erector, competent person, and fall protection training, scaffolding safety rules and tips, as well as scaffolding federal regulations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).