Scaffoldings are temporary structures that are built up to facilitate construction or repair of buildings or structures. There are different types of scaffoldings categorized on the basis of their structure and the way they are built up and used.

Broadly, the three main categories of scaffolding are as follows:

  • Independent or birdcage scaffold also known as mobile scaffold: This type is mainly used for work on one level, like when working on a ceiling. It mainly consists of two vertical poles or standards. In case of a single set of standards, a single pole scaffold is created that is completely dependent upon the structure against which it is placed for support.
  • Suspended or swing stage scaffold: Suspended scaffolds consist of a suspended platform that can either be raised or lowered. This type is used by wind washers. Suspended scaffolds can be two point suspension or single point suspension also known as cantilever suspended scaffolds. Not more than two workers are to be permitted at a time on suspension scaffolds.
  • Hanging bracket scaffold: This system includes horizontal components that are supported by floors of buildings or other structures. Ideally, a hanging bracket scaffold is designed by an engineer, who decides its means of support, and also the safe means of entry and exit for the persons installing it.