There are a number of articles that outline the safety measures to be kept in mind during scaffolding work. However, the actions required to be taken during the inspection are very important. Every company undertaking scaffolding work, needs to fill a checklist that should be submitted to a competent inspector to prove that the work they are going to do conforms to OSHA standards.

Usually, checklists contain a series of questions to which the company should answer yes or no. All such questions to which the company answers ‘yes’, address a working environment problem that must form part of an action plan which the company must chalk out in accordance to the checklist.

Supervisors and crew leaders should be familiar with OSHA scaffolding standards and regulations in their industry, and use a standardized checklist for scaffold inspection before use that reviews all required areas. In relation to the checklists, the company is required to:

  1. Answer all the questions in the checklist.
  2. To those questions answered “yes” in the checklist, the company is required to comment.
  3. The cause of the working environment problem if noted must be considered.
  4. Solutions should be drawn up in such cases.
  5. Clear indication as to who will solve the case and the time taken to solve it should be provided in the comments.